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“Women who share their beauty secrets ( @iamsarafoster @heather_parry @missemward 😉) are my favorite kind of ladies. Here is one for all of you that I’m obsessed with! @nursejamiela @netaporter 😘 xo”

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“Barely Famous” Sara & Erin Foster

You guys literally have perfect skin. I was wondering if you could tell me your a.m.-to-p.m. skincare routine.

Sara: [To Erin:] You should start off by saying that you’ve never taken care of your skin. I’ve been trying to get you to take care of your skin. [To me:] I’ve been saying to her since she was like 27, “You’re gonna be 30; it’s now or never, honey. Get on with it!” And she is the person who will go to sleep with makeup on…

Erin: No, I don’t do that! I just do very minimal. But I posted a picture on Instagram like three months ago, and someone wrote on there, ‘Honey, your skin is very dehydrated… I don’t mean to be rude but you really need to hydrate.’ And I was like oh sh*t, I need to, like, hydrate my skin! It took, like, public shaming for me to realize that I needed to get my sh*t together.  So the last three months I’ve started to take it more seriously. I’ve just started to use Waleda eye cream from Whole Foods—an eye cream that Sara told me about. I’ve been using an organic moisturizer our mom uses, some Kate Somerville under-eye corrector and anti-wrinkle cream, and then I use SPF; I’ve been doing that for the last couple of months every day.

Sara: Yeah, she just started using SPF on her face!

Better late than never.

Erin: I got a laser that got rid of all my sun damage, and I realized I really needed to start using SPF every day. I put coconut oil on my body. I stopped putting it on my face because I think sometimes it can clog your pores a little bit. My facialist told me that the actual coconut has such big fibers or something that it’s too big for your pores.

That’s something I wanted to ask you: Who’s your facialist?

Erin: I go to Carasoin Spa on Robertson. Lena does my facials; she’s really good. And then I get lasers at Kate Somerville, and Beauty Park in Santa Monica is an amazing place. I do all my laser hair removal there, and I do lasers there.

Sara: All you need in L..A is Kate Somerville and Beauty Park.

Erin: That’s all you need. Beauty Park is amazing, It’s a great spot. It’s all in one.

Do they have dermatologists?

Sara: Nurses. It’s the kind of place where you wake up [with a zit] and you’re like, “Oh god, oh god, what is this?” And you can walk in and they will have it gone.

That’s amazing.

Erin: They’re really well priced.

Sara: It’s really well priced. And they have a new laser machine, because I’ve done laser hair removal, and it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever done. Their laser machine does not hurt.

Erin: It does not hurt. It literally feels like a warm light going over you and it gets rid of all the hair. There’s no snapping, there’s no pain.

Sara: No it’s crazy. And I think they’re the only ones in L.A. with that machine.

Wow! I need to go.

Erin: Beauty Park in Santa Monica.

Sara: I don’t think we should plug them so much; now we can’t get an appointment because they’ll be so busy.

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